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It runs smoothly in handheld mode, and its simple graphics hold up five years down the lines. All the modes are still here. Landing moves is still as tricky as ever. The game itself is fine. What disappointed me is something very minor, but something that changes the entire flow of the game - menu navigation. In the original releases, confirming options in the menu and the "push" button in-game were both mapped to a single button. It meant you could wildly hammer the Cross button on your Vita, and within seconds you'd be in a level, pushing on to glory.

On the Switch, this isn't the case. Confirming menu options is now mapped to A, while pushing is on B. Which, for the console, makes sense - you do usually confirm with A and cancel with B, after all. But my thumbs aren't wired that way. Here, XGames. He's a low-key ripper who doesn't brag or boast or even use social media -- he still uses a flip phone to keep life simple. One thing that is far from simple is the bag of big, burly technical tricks that has become his calling card over the years, and the deciding factor in his silver medal win for his X Games Real Street part in It's Kremer's humility, approachability and his loyalty to his San Diego friend's skateboard brand, Skate Mafia, that make him such a fan favorite.

Despite living the life of a respected skate pro, which includes a best-selling pro model shoe from DC, Kremer chooses to live at home with his parents when not traveling the globe. Riley Hawk might be the son of the most famous skateboarder on Earth Tony Hawk , but at the end of the day, Riley is a self-made man, gaining success on his own merits.

He worked long and hard to be added to the rosters of each and every one of his sponsors, rejecting even a secure slot on his dad's board brand, Birdhouse, to skate for Baker Skateboards, who turned him pro in December Hawk started skating at age 3 and never stopped. He has made three X Games appearances but has yet to medal. Even when Riley was getting substantial recognition and gaining success in skating, I never imagined that he would compete in X Games.

It just seemed too far off his radar. But he deserved to be invited based on his skills, and I am proud that he is up to the challenge. Brandon Westgate is the one of the most raw and powerful street skaters on the scene today. He skates with such ferocity that his talents are often compared to Superman.

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Westgate's blue-collar upbringing working with his father as a cranberry farmer in Wareham, Massachusetts , helped cultivate his work ethic and approach to skateboarding. It's that drive that earned him Transworld Skateboarding Magazine's Rookie of the Year as well as the fan favorite award for his only X Games appearance in Real Street in Alexis Sablone broke onto the skate scene with her memorable section in "P. Ladd's Wonderful, Horrible Life," but that was just the beginning for her skate career. It turns out, Sablone could skate competitions pretty well, even though by her own admittance, she has "always kinda hated them.

But there's much more to Sablone than skating. She recently finished her master's degree at MIT with a focus on architecture after graduating from Columbia University in So throughout all of these X Games medals, she also has been juggling school full time.

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All terrain skater Chris Senn will forever hold a special place in our hearts as the first gold medalist in Skateboard Park at an X Games event. In , Senn was named Thrasher Magazine's Skater of the Year for his incomparable skills on tranny and in the streets. That same year, at the inaugural Extreme Games in Newport, Rhode Island, Senn took gold and left an indelible mark on the event for years to come. Senn went on to medal many more times in the X Games before leaving competitive skating behind.

He currently resides in Hawaii, where he's a tattoo artist at Eastern Classics Tattoos.

And more than two decades after his introduction into the X Games, he continues to shred like a champ. Legendary all terrain skater, Mike Vallely, has made only four X Games appearances most recently in 's Real Street series , but he is widely regarded as a pioneer in skateboarding. The skateboarding icon was born and raised in Edison, New Jersey, and he is often credited with being one of the early innovators of street skateboarding in the s, alongside Mark Gonzales, Natas Kaupus and Tommy Guerrero.

He currently owns and operates Street Plant Skateboards with his daughters, and won the fan favorite vote for his Real Street part in Known as the Brazilian barnstormer, Pedro Barros, the unofficial crown prince of Florianopolis, Brazil, is the most entertaining skater to watch in any discipline. Barros can skate any terrain, as was showcased in his Vans "Propeller" part, but having vert ramps and bowls in his backyard for his entire life has made the skating transition seemingly effortless for him.

He's so comfortable, self-aware and adaptive on his board that it's not uncommon for him to lose his baseball hat while going upside down on a , continue his run, lap back around and grab it on the next pass as if it were nothing. Barros won X Games Park gold as a rookie in He was the first rookie to win Skateboard Park gold since Ryan Sheckler did it in He currently has nine X Games Park medals under his belt six gold, three silver.

At age 17, Tom Schaar has already made eight X Games appearances, won five medals and is on pace to be one of the most accomplished and winningest X Games skaters ever. The Cardiff, California native's list of accomplishments before he has even graduated high school are so unbelievable that it's comical.

From being the youngest skater to land a in December to landing skateboarding's first air, Schaar is on track to break more records and win more medals than most skaters could ever dream of. Guy Mariano was the first child star of street skating, making his debut at age 13 in Powell Peralta's classic video "Ban This.

He eventually left for Girl Skateboards and went on to have epic parts in every Girl video ever released. Those who prefer a minimalist design that clearly spells out the Santa Cruz brand are likely to hop on this deck for their next build, no matter what sort of skating they have in mind. The company is known for offering a wide range of collaboration decks that have featured Rick and Morty, Dragonball Z, Tupac Shakur, and the Notorious B. This board is one of the Dragonball Z collaborations and it features a large, high-quality graphic of Super Saiyan Goku.

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The background is a yellowish-gold with Goku in a fighting stance, wearing clothing that largely matches the background. This is a deck that is 8. This is another of those boards that works well for skating or for displaying and will offer a design that not every other skater in town has access to. This is our second skateboard deck by Element and it has a unique aesthetic that some will love and some may not. The top of the board has a number of colors that blend into each other over the look of the wood found underneath.

The colors for this part of the board are white, black, and red. It has predrilled holes, so you can throw on some trucks and get riding quicker than expected. The nose is 7 inches while the tail is 6. The price for the Tyson Peterson Section deck is fairly inexpensive and will make a great board for many skaters. Coming back around to Primitive, we have another Dragonball Z collaboration for all the fans out there.

Top 20 X Games skateboarders of All Time

This one features a graphic of Krillin and is part of the Trent McClung professional series. As with the other Primitive board, some people will probably want to buy it for display, but it makes a great choice for a street or transition ride, as well. The sky is the limit and whatever you do with it, the deck is going to look excellent. As far as dimensions go, this board is 8. It will also be a great beginner board for someone who loves anime and wants to get involved with skating.

The skateboard decks on the market today are composed of several small sheets of wood, known as plies. The sheets of wood are bonded together to offer a deck that is able to flex even under extreme pressure. Most skateboard decks have seven or nine plies of wood and many are made from maple. You can see the plies of wood quite easily if you look at a deck from the side. First, raw wood is cut into super thin sheets of a rectangular shape. Those are then stacked on each other with a layer of glue in between each sheet.

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These sheets are then clamped together which is what creates the concave shape of the skateboard. Once the glue is nice and dry, the clamps are taken off and the result is a rectangular wooden shape. The actual deck is cut out and might have any number of sizes or shapes. The majority of skateboarders will find that, in terms of measurement, the width is the most crucial one when picking a comfortable skateboard.

There is a wide range of widths available, but most are between 7. So how do you know what width is the right one for you? First, you want to think about what sort of skateboarding you plan to do. The two main types when it comes to skating involving obstacles are street skating and transition skating.

go The former involves spending time skating on vertical ramps and walls that transition 90 degrees from the ground. Most forms of transition skating take place in pools, bowls, vert ramps , and skateparks. This skating style involves the use of speed to drop and climb vertically and shoot up into the air. This type of skating is best done on a skateboard that is stable and wide.

This makes it easier to keep your feet on the board and your feet stable even when going fast. On the other hand, street skating is done where you might expect, right out on the street and the world at large. In most cases, this type of skating has an emphasis on flip tricks where your skateboard is rotated horizontally or vertically while the skater is in the air. These tricks are easier done with a lightweight board that is simple to maneuver. In most cases, a narrower board will fit the bill here. In this case, go with something in between for the best results no matter where and how you skate.

After the width, the length of your skateboard deck is also important to consider. Most typical decks are going to range from around 31 to 33 inches, but there are outliers on either side. This also means that the wheelbase, or distance between the rear wheels and the front wheels, will be larger than with shorter decks. These decks are typically the most stable and have a larger turning radius.

Going with a shorter wheelbase will offer less stability but a smaller and sharper radius when turning.