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Bogaerts is at the plate. He takes the first two pitches for balls and then looks at a strike.

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Bogarets trots his way to first. HunterFelt I want to time travel back to June and tell Red Sox nation that Price and Kelly would combine to possibly win game 5 of the World Series and watch everyone laugh. Cody Bellinger is the third straight pinch-hitter here, Dodgers are emptying the reserves. Bellinger looks at a strike and then fouls the next one.

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We head to the ninth! Joc Pederson is here to pinch-hit.

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Kelly falls behind The crowd gets louder trying to will him on base. Pederson takes a home run cut and gets nothing. Kelly bounces the next one. Pederson fouls off the next. Joe Kelly throws a 97 mph pitch by him that he takes for strike three. Kemp swings and misses at his next pitch. He takes a ball, that evens the count. Guys; gave up after bottom 7th; Saw nothing that sez BoSox aren't in control. HunterFelt Price hasn't just taken that monkey off his back Superb performance from him.

The Red Sox are six outs away from their fourth championship of the century. Chris Taylor is at-bat. Taylor swings and misses. Price throws a ball. And he misses on the next one, the Dodgers get a desperately needed base runner. Matt Kemp is up next. And Alex Cora takes out Price who has been masterful, retiring 14 of his last 16 batters. He gets an ovation from his efforts… from the fans here at Dodgers Stadium.

Hello Hunter,Red Sox fan here. Price being lights out this postseason. Top of the order coming good tonight. Coming back and wiping out both the Yankees and Astros after being trolled by Judge and Bregman Providing tonight ends up the way I hope, this has just been the most joyously feelgood season. Thanks for the live blog! This has been the most effortlessly confident Red Sox team I can remember, the days of the Curse are long gone. Okay now this is just stupid.

Steve Pearce launches his second home run of the game, gotta think he and David Price are co-MVPs if this one holds up. Kershaw is out, Pedro Baez is in for the Dodgers.

Matt Kemp on Returning to the LA Dodgers

Betts is at-bat. He takes a ball and then fouls one off and then looks at a strike. Baez is ahead He takes ball two. He really does look scruffy. Disabled List For a while, I was thinking about putting up a website with a Plaschke "sentence vs. Then I realized that to do so would require me to read every Bill Plaschke column. I quickly shelved the idea. Kemp also said all those things that about learing from guys who have played the game for a long time, says the team has moved on and also seems to indicate that Torre is all business.

Cesc Fabregas!!! Milan need two goals in 5 minutes!

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Jon Weisman 17 - Since he has said he seeks to write that way, I'm not sure what the point would be. Jacob L Great shot, Jon. I love the Natural History Museum, even though my wife works for their arch-rivals. Re- the discussion in the last thread on Torre's inclinations for LF briefly restated, that JP will start the year, but won't keep the job , I agree, and have said so a couple of times. It just gets frustrating when we have to go through this somewhere on the diamond every year.

If it takes until June, that's still roughly 60 regulation games - games that count - in which we don't play our best lineup. It'd be nice if some year we didn't spot the competition 2 months. Penarol What does that have to do with a so-called corrupt ref not giving Arsenal a free-kick and giving a card for diving?

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Disabled List 18 Aaargh! Didn't Sutton call him a buffalo or something? We've been robbed! The DT Subcommittee on Nomenclature has just been called into an emergency session. Xeifrank Andrew Shimmin Brian Myrow is in came with the Padres.

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And he just took a Jonathon Sanchez fastball off the bicep. Just wondering, not that we have give the work locations for our families on DT. He looks like he's guarding the yard, doesn't he? Andrew Shimmin The conference room is yours.

Braves Find a Taker for Matt Kemp

I was over-ruled on my shunning bhsportsguy plan, but I reserve the right to attach that to some later bill. My lunch was a bit unsatisfactory. As I'm typing another Arsenal goal in the 92nd minute! What a monumental day for Arsenal and English football. This one was for Eduardo.

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Final score Arsenal 2 AC Milan 0. Daniel Zappala Jon, I call your bison:. I take note when I run by him on Saturday mornings, weekly group run through the park. Bob Timmermann 31 We couldn't agree on a contractor for the snacks, so everyone is brown bagging it. Again, what does that have to do with ESPN calling a ref corrupt for not giving Arsenal a free kick and booking the Arsenal player for diving and being disgusted by the American futball media's overt anglophilia.

Brent is a Dodger Fan 33 , 34 What timing! Jon Weisman 33 - Everyone knows it's much easier to get a photo of living bison walking down a street than non-ambulatory bison in a museum setting. Jacob L 39 Pretty much. Daniel Zappala 38 That may be true, but the bison from the top of Frary Peak on Antelope Island required a 6 mile hike, and feet in elevation. MC Safety 36 Hah, that's hilarious. I called the ref corrupt. From all accounts it was a pretty obvious foul. You are pretty stubborn to dismiss Milan being favored by the refs at home.