The Ultimate Garage Sale Guide

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Teaching kids to get rid of old toys will help them appreciate the ones they have. Having your kids help with adding up purchases and making change can help improve math skills.

VLOG #2 - Ultimate Garage Sale Guide - Preparation Tips & Tricks

Needing the garage to sell your old things might finally motivate your hubby to clean it! When to Hold Your Sale Image source: pinterest. Seasonal Unless you live in warm, sunny climates year-round, there are seasonal restrictions to consider when planning your sale Spring This is the best time of year to hold a garage sale, most especially the early spring.

Give them one! It gives you motivation to do spring cleaning for real. Just imagine all of that clutter raking in solid cash.


The weather is definitely better. Other summertime advantages include: Summer means longer days, which could mean you find yourself out of merchandise after only one day! Fall Fall might seem like an unusual time to hold a garage sale, but it actually makes quite a bit of sense: The cooler months means people are more likely to spend time browsing and thus, might actually buy more! This is the perfect time to get rid of the old Halloween costumes and holiday decor. Parents are looking for back to school clothes or jackets for their kids.

They will happily buy out your gently-used stock. Christmas money! Need I say more?

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People will be looking for last-minute gifts, so time to bring out high-quality items that you no longer need or use. Costume jewelry Blankets, bedding, etc. Do Not Sell: Image source: thespruce.

Get those appraised and sell them on eBay or to a local dealer instead. Silverware, antiques, collectibles, and other paintings should also be appraised and sold to a dealer or on a reputable site instead. High-quality clothes — take those to a consignment shop, where you can get a better price and possible store credit to buy new clothes. You may also get a better price for them from newspaper ads or online sale groups than you will at a garage sale. Toys that are broken, disfigured, etc.

Where to Hold Your Sale

Half-melted Barbie should probably go in the trash. Clothing that is stained, ripped, or otherwise not in truly wearable condition. Games or puzzles that are missing more than a few pieces. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a piece puzzle from a garage sale only to find that 80 of the pieces are missing! Make your advertising creative, large, and LOUD.

Sell snacks and drinks. Make your own price tags with paper, colorful string, and a hole punch. Play tasteful! Use checkered tablecloths or other decorative things to draw attention to certain tables. Advertise Image source: pinterest. Use a gimmick. Make it larger print, bold, even a different color if you can. Include photos on your ads if possible. Designate a sign twirler. Make use of online advertisements, from Craigslist to Facebook groups. Make sure to list your address, hours, and any other pertinent information in noticeable positions on all ads.

What You Need Image source: bonzblogz. Money for change. Fanny pack, apron with pockets, or cash box of some kind to carry money around in. A calculator or a fully charged phone with calculator app ready to go. Notebook and pen for keeping track of sales. If you use stickers for price tags, you can also put those on paper as things sell, as well.

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This is especially helpful for multi-family sales. Card tables to hold your sale items. Extension cord so customers can test electronics. A mirror for customers buying clothes. Packing supplies such as boxes, packing tape, and old newspapers to help carry multiple items or cushion breakable items once sold.

How to Price Everything Image source: tlc. Electronics Ensure that they work, first. Hide items that are not for sale. Use tarps or thick blankets to protect any items on the ground from morning dew.

Moving Sale: The ULTIMATE Guide

If a price on certain items is non-negotiable, make sure you advertise it as such. Getting Rid of the Leftovers Image source: maryannevans. Try again! Hold another sale in a few weeks. Alternatively, Freecycle it. Contact local charities to see if they will pick up leftover items. Pin 4K. Share Related Posts.

Hosting a Moving Sale: The ULTIMATE Guide - Olympic Moving & Storage

When you think about garage sales, do you…. Not to brag, but I'm showing off 6 fabulous items I bought at a garage…. Must Read. We see them everywhere. A well-used meme — like this one — will make people chuckle and grab their attention just long enough to get them to drive on down.

Getting Rid of Stuff Without Garage Sales: What We Do Instead

Yardsalesigns that really do the workforyou. Yard sale sign tip: When you are making the signs, make the address and times legible. Just print out the details in extra large font. If they just sit in a big pile, people are less likely to want to take the time to sort through them. Hang up as many clothes as you can. There are some really easy hacks for hanging up clothes, too. Important Tip: When you hang up clothes, use a printable size separator. When you visually organize the clothes, you are making it easier for people to scan and find exactly what they need. Instead, use some of these display tricks.

A Little Knick a Little Knack created a hack out of 2 bookshelves and a broom stick. She displays her things on her bookshelves and hangs up clothes between them. Another idea — use wooden crates as shelves. You can buy them pretty cheap at craft stores. Set them up on top of each other and display a lot of your things. Old doors on top of sawhorses works fantastic as well.

You can usually buy plywood fairly inexpensively and then reuse it in DIY projects after the sale. Keep things in boxes if you can. There are lots of factors to look at when planning the date of your sale. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider:. Most people like to go out and check out sales early. Make it as easy as possible for people to see the prices.

Always err on the side of over explaining with signs. Some places require you to obtain a permit to have a garage or yard sale, so check with your local city or county. Val from Mom Knows It All has some excellent questions to ask before planning your garage sale. Save people time. My Organized Chaos suggests sorting all your items before pricing them, then sorting them even further into subcategories. If you want your stuff to sell, make sure it is clean and looks as least worn and used as possible. Finally, what people see as they drive by could affect whether they stop or not.