The Defense of Hill 781: An Allegory of Modern Mechanized Combat

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Van Horne and J. Kaplan F. Petersen and J. Brafman and R. Kilcullen G. Isaacson H.

Murray and A. McChrystal and T. Gordon and B. Kurzweil I. Kurzweil J. Doubleday , Book. W4 I'd say definitely search for books written about Iraq and Afghanistan, that should give you some information about current strategies. If you want to understand the context behind all other books on military strategy written since Clausewitz any book written in the last hundred years , you must read Clausewitz.

If you want to understand why the US Army was so dead set on failing to anticipate the next war and continued to train for symmetric war until very recently, you must read Clausewitz. You should also read Petraeus et al's Counterinsurgency Field Manual. The difference in tone and scope is staggering.

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If you want to understand military strategy going forward, you must understand Petraeus's book. I assure you, it is on the nightstand of the President and every military officer and not because it says that on the cover, but because I'm one of them. If you are running a startup, read the Petraeus book as though you are the insurgent. Anyways, he covers insurgencies fought unsuccessfully by Americans and successfully by the British, and why they succeeded and failed.

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Nagl doesn't come out and say the reasons are X, Y, Z. It's more here are important events A, B, C and here are important structural and cultural facts about the militaries that can help explain them. Another book to read is "A Savage War of Peace. While Petraeus based his strategy in Iraq on the French's strategy, it is also relevant due to the strong similarity between what happened with the French populace and what is happening with our own. Certainly not dry. There are a lot of Field manuals available e. I highly recommend John Boyd. His presentations are a bit dense, but you might try reading the biography of him written by Robert Coram first.

Sometimes they just don't make sense.

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But he got results. I can't think of any books, but you can find good descriptions of strategy used in famous battles on wikipedia. Some interesting battles. Theres a downloadable Stanford lecture on Hannibal, wich is great; the archeologist guy who gives the talk was involved in a student expedition across the Alps, with a real elephant! Nassim Nicholas Taleb's "Black Swan" had some pretty good insights into the "unknown unknowns" of military combat.

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Hmmm, guess no-one here is in the military? The American military branches all publish their own reading lists, updated annually, that'd be a great starting point. RobGR on Jan 29, A lot of the suggestions here seem to follow the philosophical advice from generals meme, like the people who read Sun Tzu to learn how to better manage their sales team and etc. The best book I know of in the "detailed stuff, like how to use tanks, planes and so on" area is James F. Dunigan's "How to Make War". It's a little cold-war oriented but still pretty applicable, and the first chapter is helpfully titled "How to Become an Effective Armchair General".

Given that wars are usually massive economic and logistical operations, it has a lot of charts and tables to that effect, showing the number of shots per soldier killed over the centuries, tonnage of explosives per plane, etc. Just by glancing over the charts you can see the basic history of military activity -- the Civil War being the first "modern" war in terms of slaughter, economic mobolization, and etc; then a period of regression to small wars, before WWI and so on. As far as "how to use tanks" and so on, that is often considered tactics not strategy.

There are books written on that stuff, however; how many people should be in a small platoon and how they should move, leapfrogging each other so one moves while the other keeps the enemy ducking; how two tanks can use their light machine guns to clear each other's close-in areas that they can't see or shoot at themselves; the strategy of having a tank attached to a platoon of infantry so they work together; etc.

But I don't know of one single book that collects all that. If I had to find them I would probably look at the some of the publications of the Army War College, and I would go to a gun show and find that guy who is always there with a lot of field manual publications, and ask him. You can google the field manuals FM of the US Army and Marine, they range from operation of guns and marksmanship to strategy, to leadership. All great reads. I found all these US Army manuals in the emule network. They still must be there.

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One very good manual to have is the Seal fitness training one if you are into this. I second "Certain to Win". Game theorists might define a strategy as an approach to optimal decision-making while you are surrounded by other actors whose actions interact with yours.

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Chess strategies are a good example. The author of Certain to Win, Chet Richards, takes a different approach. He defines strategy as "a scheme for creating and managing plans. Strategy is how you "plan to plan. For a really enjoyable experience read "The Great Game" by Hopkirk first. The Civil War deserves it's own category. Watch the PBS dvds, actually buy them.

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  5. For more current stuff Robert Kagan is probably the most informed pundit on war and military strategy. Man I could go on forever. PS: Once you're well versed you'll hear people referring to Clauswitz a lot. When you're sick of hearing his name and you want more than the wikipedia entry go read "On War. Just published in To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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    At the turn of the century a small, humorous book on tactics was published. The Defense of Hill is a modem version of this classic—a tactical primer with ample funpoking, but with serious lessons to be learned. Tack Always Finds himself in the California high desert, alone, disheveled, confused. A guide soon appears to inform him of his situation: He has died and is now in Purgatory his humility in the Army was somewhat lacking where he must atone for past sins. Purgatory is, aptly, the U.

    Always may earn his way out by completing a successful mission. Through a series of six missions, the reader plans and fights with Lt. Always, making the split-second decisions that determine victory or defeat, life or death. For the armchair general, it is a fascinating look at how the members of a military unit work together in combat.

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    Battle Leadership. Army officer by the name of A. Tack Always is denied entrance into Valhalla and assigned to a purgatory-like base in the Nevada desert, where he is required to learn a vital lesson before being cleared for transfer to the final objective in the sky. A field-problem has been laid on for the lieutenant colonel, who abruptly finds himself commanding a ghostly unit built around Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

    The bulk of this curious, sometimes amusing tale has to do with the officer's escalating command problems in a furious battle against an "aggressor force" armed with the latest Soviet weapons and equipment. McDonough Platoon Leader provides a technically up-to-date picture of the way a U. War-college instructors will find the scenario useful as a textbook, but lay readers, other than hardcore military buffs, will find the book odd. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc.

    Colonel James R. Now retired from active duty, McDonough lives with his family in Tallahassee, Florida. See all Editorial Reviews.