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I just finished Only Time Will Tell and really enjoyed it. I am delighted to see this discussion space as there were two things in the book that I had difficulty with. They are both farther along in the book. My question is do you discuss in some particular reading order or is it open to discuss any area of the book? This is a captivating book which left me angry at the cliff hanging end. I was not ready for it to finish!

I have found myself coming back and re-reading each book or parts of them because it seems as though there are clues or hidden meanings which are referred to in later books.

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I love his cliff hanger endings. I wish the sequels would publish faster! Archer knows how to write a book to keep his audience captivated. I hope their are many more books in the Chronicles. I thought I read there will be only two more? Thank you, Jeffrey. An American but being from a family of the West Country and having worked in private schools all my career, I quickly identified with Harry.

My grandparents Conservatives talked about the aristocratic families with which they did business with admiration and my uncle Laborite talked about the same people with distain. I have loved each installment of the Chronicles and look forward to the Sword, knowing that I will spend the next day reading only it and not much else. It would be difficult to match the images you have created however, is anyone talking to you about a film version of the series?

I am a huge fan, here in the US. I love this series and eagerly await each installment! He brings the characters to life. I feel like Harry could be my best friend. I love all the twists and turns and how the good guys ultimately prevail, even if it takes longer than I want it to. Archer is writing 7 quickly. A year is a long time to wait for the next installment. The characters are so rich and vivid and you get caught up in what the next phase of their lives will bring. Hi, I have read and collected all J. My father gave me the Prodigal Daughter to read when I was 12 and told me get get the best out of the book but not to follow the foreign culture.

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  6. It was the first of my adventure into reading and made me a book worm. I love all the books and each has its greatness in different ways. I wish my kids would read J. Impatiently awaiting the next book and hope to get it soon in the Indian subcontinent as well.

    Only Time Will Tell: The Clifton Chronicles 1

    I too, am an Archer fan and have been since the Prodigel Daughter! His ability to twist a plot is masterful. It sets the stage beautifully for the next! I have been a fan of Mr.

    I was hooked immediately. But then he got drunk in the pub and another man I recognised came along and I thought,"Why not? I got pregnant, but I didn't think it would matter as I was marrying Arthur the following month.

    Harry Clifton We've all been told to write the first part of our chapters in the first person and in a different font. None of us thinks it adds anything to the story but Jeff insists it's a brilliant literary device. Harry was a working-class lad with a heart of gold and his working-class Mum worked all hours in Mrs Tilly's teashop to feed him. When he was small, he aspired to nothing more than a job in Barrington's shipyard where his father had once worked, but then he met Old Jack Tar who told him he was very clever and had a nice singing voice, so he won a choral scholarship to St Bede's.

    Nelson - Only Time Will Tell

    There he was bullied by everyone except Giles Barrington, the nice-but-dim son of the shipyard owner who befriended him, though Giles's father hated Harry on sight. For no apparent reason, Giles started shoplifting. Harry put everything back to protect him, but was blamed for it.

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    Luckily, Giles owned up, so Harry could go to Bristol grammar school after all. Maisie Clifton I had always suspected the wealthy baddy, Hugo Barrington was Harry's father and had mysteriously killed Arthur two years later, but I couldn't prove it. Maisie worked long and hard at Mrs Tilly's teashop to make ends meet, but you already know that, though I'm afraid you're going to have to get used to a lot of repetition in these parallel narratives. Maisie eventually bought the shop and after a lot of hard work, it made a profit.

    Then it burned down and she had to give nearly all the insurance money to Hugo Barrington who had, unknown to her, put up capital, so she was broke again. But she vowed to do anything she could to pay Harry's school fees.

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    Hugo Barrington I've always been a bad egg and when I saw that slut Maisie we both understood I had droit de seigneur. I couldn't help it that her husband was killed. It had been Hugo's idea to expand the business into shipbuilding and the first project was losing money.

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    So when Hugo heard that Arthur Clifton was trapped working inside, he decided to let him die there to save the bother of opening the hull.