Khost: Some Caves Are Best Left Unexplored

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OCLC: ; Burnes, F.

June Burnes, Alexander and Dr. Burnes and Dr. Gerard, from Peshawar to Bokhara. Burnes, Alexander Perfonned under the orders of the Supreme Government of India in , , Philadelphia, E. Hart [etc. OCLC: ; ; ; ; ; General and geographical memoir on the part of Central Asia.

An historical sketch of the countries between India and the Caspian Sea. On the commerce of Central Asia. Observations on Lieutenant Burnes's collection of Bactrian and other coins by H.

The Straits Times, 4 March 1933

Wilson and James Prinsep. Narrative of a voyage by the river Indus. Memoir of the Indus and its tributary rivers in the Punjab. Shroder Jr. Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, Calif. Dec 5, The affable scientist spent two decades in Afghanistan, barely escaping after he was accused of being a spy. His trove of precise and detailed maps—of interest only to scholars before the September terrorist attacks—are now the coin of the realm in one of the most remote, least-mapped countries in the world.

The satellite photos and detailed locations of bridges, tunnels and oil pipelines are considered so sensitive that the FBI told Shroder to take all such images off the university's Web site. Soon, the year-old professor was all over television, on the radio and in newspapers around the world. Various government agencies either want Shroder to help or warn him to keep quiet. Reporters clamor for interviews.

People from around the world e-mailed him, asking where Bin Laden is or sending photographs of caves and tunnels they say will aid in his capture. His recent celebrity has engendered good-natured ribbing from colleagues. There, too, is a mock-up of the magazine Soldier of Fortune, displaying a prominent photograph of Shroder making an off-color remark regarding Bin Laden.

Carter, Jon. September 30, They show where the evil leader rules over an incredible network of fortified underground bunkers which conceal his fanatical followers as they are trained to unleash violence against America and Britain. Up to 1, extremist Islamic recruits at a time have learned their skills with guns, explosives and even biological and chemical weapons in the maze of tunnels deep beneath the barren terrain. Intelligence chiefs thi nk this is where some of the terrorists who attacked US embassies in Africa and an American warship were trained.

The area is big enough to contain a dairy farm with 4, cattle to feed Bin Laden's recruits; ENTRANCES to a labyrinth of 14 tunnels linking dozens of hu nk ers built in the s to protect against attacks from the Russians. They contain training centres and probably also massive caches of chemical and conventional weapons. There are many escape exits; GUN emplacements and surface-to-air missile sites dug into the hillsides. There is even a suspected helipad from which Bin Laden may have fled in when America launched cruise missiles against his bases after the embassy attacks.

The complex is one of about 30 boltholes where Bin Laden may be lurking and its camps present a prime target for the SAS, American special forces and Allied jets. November 3, Nevertheless, finds, Justin Cartwright, there are a number of ominous parallels. Page 3. The tribes - a profusion of competing and interlocking interests that no one understands - are untrustworthy, although picturesque: the paper's special artist and army officers send in sketches.

Riflemen wait in every pass. Some, such as the Beloochees, are "wild-looking with their long hair, loose frocks, and Jewish cast of features". There are caves, many of them dating back to an earlier, Buddhist phase, that are dug miles into the mountains and are completely impenetrable. There are fanatical mullahs urging on the tribes people. The mountains are clad in snow.

Searching For Unexplored Caves

Rafts sink. This is the story in the Illustrated London News of Letters, volume XI, pages Belfast News Letter. The list of targets has been drawn up from spy planes, satellites, patrols by special forces and infonnation from Russia's secret service, which is using files dating from the Soviet invasion to aid the American effort. December Bruno Jasse assure une parution de quatre numeros par an, en moyenne de 35 pages, soit pres de 1, pages. Bruno Jasse wants publication of four numbers per annum, on an average of 35 pages each, nearly 1, pages.

For this period, six memories were published treating remote countries like Guatemala or Afghanistan, or of various subjects, like the underground first aid. Chabert, Claude and Montserrat Ubach. A French and Spanish expedition to explore the caves of Afghanistan, in the provinces of Parwan and Zarul. Descriptions also of the bio-speleology of the caves, with a good bibliography of some 71 references. II a ete prospecte en par le biospeleologie suedois Knut Lindberg.

Entree connue des indigentes. It was prospective customer in by the Swedish biospeleology Knut Lindberg. One will find in "Speleologie Afghan", Memoires of the Speleo-Club of Paris, , 1, the totality of topographies produced for this country and an exhaustive bibliography. Explored by the A.

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Known entry of the poor ones. It is also the deepest cavity of the country: m! Supplement au n. II a ete prospecte en par le bio speleologique suedois Knut Lindberg. Resurgence semi-fossile alt. Entree connue des indigenes.

khost some caves are best left unexplored Manual

Connue des habitants alt. Topographie sur m en , cette grotte fossile alt. Volume 57, issue 6, June These exercises utilize much of the knowledge that the Army gained during its recent work in Afghanistan. The Army's engineers, who usually deploy downrange to locate and eliminate booby traps and mines, need to know how to perform those tasks inside caves, too, Cook said. This article supposedly has some information on cave fishes from Afghanistan.

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Coiffait, H. Uber Catopiden Sudwestasiens. Hohlenfunde in Afghanistan. Volume 26, pages Conolly, Edward Barry.