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Ring Comm,; Chair. Cap-Gown Comm. Dance Commni. Show 1; Soph. Card Commn. Cristobal High School. I in her charming smile U. Maria Inmaculada Panaima. Anthology 3; Biol, Clb. Picnic; Soph.


Picnic; Sadie Hawkins Dance Comun. An ambitions guy Drill Team, 2, 3. Q a U a4eso Iae ,Pedai ' 4e. We wonder if there could be another year as good Our sincere thanks go to Irwin Frank, our super-duper President, and his efficient officers: that good-looking Sam Maphis, our Vice-President; Leona Hart, our competent secretary; Mike McNevin. Representa- tives we've had.

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When Karen left, we boosted Sally Ackerman, who was equally good. Our Christmas Formal was quite a "let-down. To make up for this, Coila Goodin and her committee made the Junior-Senior Banquet one of the biggest events of the year.

We were proud of our achievements on that unforgettable night. We chose two of the prettiest girls, when we elected Cecil Russell and Tibby Nolan, to represent us at the Valentine Dance. We'll never forget all those gay, serious, and sad times, too, that made our junior year the best yet. As we enter our final year in B. Top row, left to right: Ray Davidson, S. Give her a break!

Our upperclassmen seemed to take notice when we walked by. We weren't afraid to consider ourselves as part of B. Our of- ficers helped us more than anyone else by having us included in all B. Representatives in B.

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We and the freshmen got acquainted right off while having a grand time at our Sophomore- Freshmen Frolic. We'll always remember those wonderful football games and the big thrill of the season-that Jackson High-Balboa High tussle. Our dances, parties and picnics filled the year with more than just fun.

One of the biggest treats was the night of our very own Sadie Hawkins Dance. It was one of the biggest events of the year, and we were the ones who deserve the credit! That's some- thing we were all proud of. We acquired many habits and fads from our upperclassmen which brought us right up alongside them. All of us became strands in the rope of friend- ship that has bound us forever to l ole B.

As we enter our junior year, we hope that that year we can do as well in our studies and have as much fun as we have had in this, our grand sopho- more year. Miss Alice Candee ,':. But when everybody just seemed to ac- cept us, we felt pleased and fell right into step with our upperclassmen.

The sophs grew acquainted with us quickly be- cause they realized how hard it is to get adjusted in B. They had entered the year before, and their memories of being freshmen were still fresh in their minds. Remember how Kenny Lee climbed the grease pole? We're sure no one could forget the Sack Race -every two steps someone would fall. Not a one of us can cay we didn't have one of the grandest times to be had this year at our Frosh-Soph Frolic. Our officers seemed to stand out the night of our very first formal dance in B. They all looked so nice that we'd like to give them special mention.

The officers of the Mighty '54er:-Bruce Quinn. Representatives of B.

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I e ar,- I. Led i1o r'. N CA;.. Without our S.


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The S. Council is made up of the Student Association officers, four representatives from each class, and a representative and alternate from each home room. At the end of the year there is an election for the S.

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President for the following year. Candidates are chosen from the Junior Class, and everyone ex- cept the seniors may vote. Elections and campaign- ing are becoming more popular, and the nominees put posters up all over school to support them. Frank Mayo was chosen as President, and he ably carried out all his ideas.

Frank, well-known to all his classmates, had their support throughout the year. Frank also helped to "spark up" our school spirit and make us better school citizens. He has won the admiration and respect of many and deserves "Take a letter"-Patt Walker, secretary, and Frank Mayo, presi- dent, get down to business with one of the S. Something new was added in the way of vice- president this year. He was chosen from the previous sophomore class, and the excellent choice was Clair Godby. He, too, has done much to help make the S. Clair worked closely with Frank and took some of the load.

Because of the work involved, there were two secretaries needed: Annette Godby and Patt Walker were appointed. Every home room period you could see them hard at work, writing letters, mailing bills, or counting money. Theirs was a never-ending job. Brother and sister team up to do important work in the S. Y member receives a year's subscription to our school paper, the Parrakeet, and seniors are given their Zonians free of charge.

This year the S.

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Money is obtained for the S. They, in turn, report to the students about the matters discussed. Meetings are not regular, but when anything of importance arises one may be called. Hatchett, S. Powell, as- sistant adviser, were always there to lend a helping hand.