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A. Academic Dishonesty: Cheating and Plagiarism

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Honesty is… Doing your own work. Keeping your eyes on your own paper. Helping or teaching others, not allowing the copying of your work. Using all written and electronic sources with integrity.

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High standards and expectations are set for all students, with provisions for their individual learning styles. A climate of trust and respect is essential for an effective learning environment. Per Shoreline School District policy and procedures and P.


Student Handbook: Policies and Procedures | Marywood University

Questions or Feedback? What is cheating? Acts or circumstances factors intended to give the examinee an unjustified advantage at the examination are regarded as cheating. Acts that entail a failure to test the knowledge and skills of the examinee in an impartial and academically reliable way are regarded as cheating.

B. Registration Procedures

Knowledge by the examinee of examination papers prior to the examination or manipulation of the answer paper after it has been handed in is also regarded as cheating. If an examinee has helped another examinee to cheat or attempt cheating, this is also regarded as cheating. Main categories of cheating Unauthorised use of examination support materials: This includes cribs, mobile phones, unauthorised notes in allowed books, calculators, etc.

Allowed examination support materials are specified in the course descriptions and on the front page of the question paper. This, for instance, applies to texts from textbooks, lecture notes, previously handed in answer papers, text from the Internet, etc.

Students, therefore, should take great care to provide referenc es and bibliographies. Further information about the use of sources is available at www.

Part I. Academic Life

See also information about our control schemes below. Unauthorised co-operation between individual students or groups of students, as well third parties in connection with the examination : Communication between students during examinations at school both inside and outside the examination room is regarded as cheating. Co-operation across groups resulting in identical text in different group answer papers is considered as cheating unless otherwise specified in the question paper.

Co-operation between individuals during examinations at home, in connection with term papers, etc.

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These provisions also apply to continuous assessment process evaluation , hand-ins made electronically through it's learning etc. Control Invigilators, as well as administrative and academic staff responsible for the examination are entitled to check support materials during the examination. They are also entitled to make adjustments with respect to the seating of the examinees in the examination room and where they stand when outside the examination room, both as a preventive measure against cheating and in case a suspicion of cheating should arise. If cheating in the examination room is reported, the examinee should, nevertheless, be encouraged to complete the examination.

Unauthorised examination support materials will be confiscated. BI Norwegian Business School avails itself of a tool called Ephorus to reveal plagiarism of text in student papers. This tool is available on itslearning and can be used by lecturers and examiners who use electronic hand-ins in their courses.