Diet Secrets of the Ancient Egyptians

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They used to burn almonds and apply them to the brows for this purpose. Red ochre, which is basically the reddish earth pigment holding hydrated iron oxide, was used for giving the lips a beautiful red colour. Egyptian women were also aware of the application of henna. They used to color their hair as well as nails with it to give them a yellowish-red hue. A hair styling gel made of shea butter and coconut oil was well-liked in the country and people used it for keeping their hairdos intact for long.

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The process was helpful in taking out the hair right from the roots. Regular practice of swimming in the River Nile was the biggest fitness secret of ancient Egyptians.

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They used to arrange lots of swimming competitions throughout the year and put their skills into practice for keeping themselves fit and strong. Gymnastics, one of the most celebrated sports these days, was invented by Egyptians. These exclusive floor exercises were meant for enhancing fitness, boosting flexibility, improving strength and staying in shape. They also used to practice rhythmic gymnastics, which is a more upgraded version of regular gymnastics intended for better fitness.

Ancient Egyptians also loved to play hockey to stay fit, make the cardiovascular system stronger and heighten the strength of the muscle fibres.

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Cereals and breads were two most staple foods in Egypt. People used to add ingredients like egg, milk, butter, honey, salt, spices, dates, etc. For ancient Egyptians, vegetables were a must to include in the meals. Lentils, beans, green peas, chick peas, etc. Others include onion, garlic, leek and Egyptian lettuce.

What Did People Eat in Ancient Egypt? - HistoryExtra

Fish, poultry, meat, etc. Meat of duck, crane, goose, quail, chicken, etc. Beef and pork were consumed occasionally.

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  • They used to boil, roast and season the fish for eating as and when desired. Dates were the most popular fruit found in the country. People used to consume these in a large amount as they contain lots of protein and sugar. From dried dates to dates sweetened with honey, there had a number of choices.

    Some other fruits consumed by Egyptians are grapes, pomegranates, watermelon, Egyptian plums, peaches, olives, walnuts, and so on. Are you going to follow any of these Egyptian beauty secrets from the ancient Egypt?

    Do let us know. Brewers crumbled the bread into vats and let it ferment naturally in water. This yielded a thick and cloudy brew that would probably disgust our modern palates.

    Desecrated Vegetables: The Hardships of Civil War Eating

    But it was also nourishing and healthy, and filled in many nutritive deficiencies of the lower-class diet. But ancient Egyptians did not survive on carbohydrates alone: Hunters could capture a variety of wild game, including hippos, gazelles, cranes as well as smaller species such as hedgehogs.

    Fish were caught, then salted and preserved; in fact fish curing was so important to Egyptians that only temple officials were allowed to do it. Honey was prized as a sweetener, as were dates, raisins and other dried fruits. Wild vegetables abounded, like celery, papyrus stalks and onions.

    What food and drink were Ancient Egyptians consumed?

    Although no recipes from the times remain, we have a fair idea of how the Egyptians prepared their food thanks to dioramas and other objects left in tombs. Laborers ate two meals a day: a morning meal of bread, beer and often onions, and a more hearty dinner with boiled vegetables, meat and more bread and beer.

    Nobles ate well, with vegetables, meat and grains at every meal, plus wine and dairy products like butter and cheese. Priests and royalty ate even better.

    Tombs detail meals of honey-roasted wild gazelle, spit-roasted ducks, pomegranates and a berry-like fruit called jujubes with honey cakes for dessert. To top it all off, servant girls would circulate with jugs of wine to refill empty glasses: the perfect end to an Egyptian banquet.