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We hope the government listens to the concerns of industry and drops its plans to introduce another crippling tax on business. Job gains in service industries such as health care and banking offset losses in such areas as construction. See also agro-industry. Examples of industry. What are the interests of the producers of technology industry , universities?

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From Cambridge English Corpus. This statement was really about the failure of the heritage industry to recognize local interests in the politics of re presentation.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. We treat corporate pension funds and industry -wide pension funds together due to their similar nature.

The private sector scheme is managed by private pension institutions : insurance companies, corporate pension funds, industry -wide pension funds, and other statutory pension providers.

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Therefore, the experts who planned production were drawn from industry itself. Additional references were identified through searching bibliographies of related publications and through contact with relevant topic experts and industry. The forests are mainly used for extracting reed - a material used both by traditional artisans and the paper-pulp industry. The policy network representing the interests of the mainland heavy industry most importantly the metallurgical industry comes very close to the ideal type policy community.

The latter will, however, probably gather more substance from following industry reports than this book.

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In terms of recreation, culture, education, and even rural industries, the period was characterised as much by development and change as by stagnation and decline. The cotton-manufacturing industry fulfilled different roles in each town, and consequently had a different impact on each political environment.

Governmental expenditures, including expenditures to secure property rights, also are found to increase technical efficiency in the agricultural industry. Rather, a labour shortage was holding back further expansion of the rubber, palm oil and timber export industries. Farming, fishing, and for a time early in the s the timber industry have provided the primary livelihood for residents.

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If industrial, could expand to areas of industry that were substantially the same. See all examples of industry. Translations of industry in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of industry? Browse industrially.



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    Industry experts claim an increase in awareness amongst men when it comes to styles, design, and price regarding their underwear. From writer Gail Simone to artist Fiona Staples, there are incredible women already working in the industry. There were witnesses who are sons of powerful men; congressmen, senators, captains of industry. They are such as reason must admire, for they are the result of industry , temperance, and freedom. Real knowledge concerning fur dressing and dyeing is possessed only by those actually engaged in the industry.

    As their homes by neglect have grown shabby and squalid, so their industry has become calculating and sordid. The reason of all this is the lack of energy and industry in the people.