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Dare to try it even in the moon! How did they carry out the best practice? We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. That corresponds to 80 million to million years after the big bang.

Dare the Moon by Bruno Cavellec - Arts Council

Its antenna is designed to pick up signals from the entire sky. Burns disagrees. Once DARE has done its job, his team want to deploy bigger telescopes on the lunar far side to image the first stars and galaxies. These antennas would be made of conducting material imprinted on extremely lightweight films of polyamide, micrometres thick.

In one design, three metre-long arms of such films are attached to a central box of electronics. The arms would be rolled up tight for launch and, once on the moon, a rover sent along with the unit will move it to its required spot and help unfurl the arms. The state and the government have an important role here, as a facilitator and an enabler. As such, it is critical for our key institutions and the policy makers to study and appreciate the message being sent by citizens and to be responsive to the thoughts and wishes of our people.


As the President of India, it is my privilege to travel all over our country, to our diverse states and regions, and meet fellow Indians from all walks of life. Indians can be very different in their tastes and habits, but Indians share the same dreams. Before , the dreams were for a free India. Today, the dreams are for accelerated development; for effective and transparent governance; and yet for a smaller footprint of government in our everyday lives.

Fulfilling these dreams is essential. Any reading of the mandate of the people would make their aspirations clear.

And while the government inevitably has its part to play, I would argue that the greater opportunity and ability lies in the skill, talent, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship of 1. These attributes are not new. They have kept India going and have nurtured our civilization for thousands of years.


The Ash Moon

There have been times in our long history when our people encountered hardships and challenges. Even on such occasions, our society proved to be resilient; common families showed uncommon courage; and so many determined individuals found the strength to survive and to thrive. Today, given a facilitative and enabling environment by the government, we can only imagine what our people can achieve. The government can build financial infrastructure in the form of a transparent, inclusive banking system, an online-friendly tax system and easier access to capital for legitimate entrepreneurs.

The government can build physical infrastructure in the form of housing for the poorest of the poor, and availability of energy, toilets and water in every home. The government can build institutional infrastructure to address the paradox of floods and calamities in some parts of the country, and water scarcity in other parts.

WALK THE MOON - Shut Up and Dance (Official Video)

The government can build connectivity infrastructure in the form of wider, better highways and safer, faster trains; airports in the interiors of our country, and ports that dot our coasts. And near universal data access that allows common citizens to benefit from Digital India.

The government can build social infrastructure in the form of a comprehensive health care program, and facilities and provisions for the mainstreaming of our Divyang fellow citizens. The government can build legal infrastructure by enacting laws that advance gender equality, as well as by removing obsolete laws to make life easier for our people. However, what is more crucial is for society and for citizens to use and nurture this infrastructure — for the benefit of themselves and their families, and for the benefit of society and us all.

For example, rural roads and better connectivity have meaning only if farmers use them to reach bigger markets and get better prices for their produce.

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Fiscal reforms and easier regulations for business have meaning only if our entrepreneurs, whether small start-ups or big industrialists, use these to build honest and imaginative enterprises and create sustainable jobs. Universal availability of toilets and household water have meaning only if they empower the women of India, enhance their dignity and become a catalyst for them to go out into the world and achieve their ambitions.

They can achieve their ambitions as they choose: as mothers and homemakers — and as professionals and individuals with their own destiny. To cherish and safeguard such infrastructure — infrastructure that belongs to each one of us, the people of India — is to secure another aspect of our hard-won freedom. Civic-minded Indians respect and take ownership of such facilities and such infrastructure.