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Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook e. Subscribe to. The sun shone bright and warm, and the Oregon air was crisp and fresh and carried the scent of the ocean, which lay just beyond a row of hills. But this was a case he and Sean might be able to solve on their own.

What could be better?

I want to try, Brian decided. Besides, it looked like Jennifer really needed his help. Jennifer raised an eyebrow.

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We broke up a gang of burglars, and we even caught a guy pretending to be Bigfoot. Sean laughed. Then he made a face at Brian. Brian ignored him.

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Grown-ups think that kids don't know what they're doing. So if you tell your parents, they might keep us from investigating. We'll have to keep the case strictly between the three of us. By the time Brian and Sean changed and returned, Jennifer had already settled on a bench in a shady spot under a tree. She greeted them eagerly.

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  7. From a pocket in his shorts, Brian pulled out the notebook and pen he always carried with him. What kinds of things have been stolen? It's like the thief keeps getting more and more greedy and more sure he'll get away with it. Boy, Sean thought, Brian was turning into such a grouch!

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    And all on account of Jennifer Hicks. Jennifer nodded again. Only Dad, Mom, and me. We have an apartment on the second floor, but most of the other employees live in town. Sean jumped to his feet. And find a ham! Jennifer nodded. The security check was the sheriff's idea because a lot of big hotels—even department stores—use it.


    But it hasn't helped a bit in stopping the thefts or finding the thief. She sighed. Otis, is going crazy because even though he keeps someone on his staff in and around the kitchen area, he can't find out who's stealing the meat or how it's being taken out of the hotel. He comes out every time Dad calls him about another theft, but he can't figure out what the thief's doing, either. It means the thief's method of operation. Sean made another gagging face, but Brian ignored him.

    Two employees were wrapping up big roasts and hams and throwing them out with the day's garbage into the trash bins outside. Then when they left, late at night, they'd pull their food packages out of the trash and drive off with them. They sold the meat to a restaurant owner who was more interested in getting a good bargain than in being honest.

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    Otis looked for. Brian scowled at him, then turned back to Jennifer. Brian shook his head. The meat deliveries are checked to make sure everything in the order is there. The delivery men leave, and the order is double-checked as it's put into the refrigerated meat lockers. There's Caesar, the head chef. He had an argument with immigration authorities about his official papers.

    Immigration suspects that some of Caesar's papers are forged, but it takes a long time to trace records. We'll have to keep looking. A few years ago she served a prison sentence for burglary.

    See a Problem?

    A few of our other employees are in that program, too. Brian frowned. The personnel files are probably on computer. Is there any way we could see them? He has a copy in one of his desk drawers. Jennifer got to her feet and brushed some grass off her shorts. She looked worried. As Brian, Sean, and Jennifer walked through the main lobby, they had to weave their way through a crowd of guests waiting to take the hotel van to the airport.

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    A couple suddenly cut in front of Sean, who was trailing behind Brian and Jennifer. Sean sidestepped to avoid them, lost his balance, and fell over a suitcase.