Battles and Blessings of Being Single

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Look into meetup groups of people that share the same hobby or passion as you. Join these groups in a casual setting with no pressure. Either way, it will encourage you to get out of the house, engage with others and feel less isolated. And isolation plays a big factor in that. I love it when the light is right, and I can take a cute selfie. But I hate it when I look a mess and everybody on my timeline is using the hashtag blessedlife. The only problem, most people only share their highlight reels.

So, you sitting on your bed with a headwrap and mismatched socks will always look sad compared to theirs. Do a social media fast , where you use your new-found free time to do a bible study instead of envying some influencers perfectly color-coordinated Instagram feed. You will see that it will lower your anxiety and loneliness and increase your joy, creativity, and mindfulness. Let me introduce to you — Justine Mfulama , Single-extraordinaire. How did I do that?

Single but Not Alone!

No idea. I guess the past 10 years were good for something.

The Truth About Being Single: A Conversation with Donald Miller - Pastor Steven Furtick

No seriously, I just had to learn how to bring joy into my own life, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for me. I treat myself, by taking care of my body by working out, of my mind by reading and my soul by spending time with God. All these habits helped me enjoy my own company and learn to know what makes me happy. Now the question is, what makes you happy?

Once you find out, repeat those activities over and over again and watch the loneliness vanish. Ultimately, your desire to find a community or be in a relationship is not to have fun every weekend, but to be part of something bigger than ourselves. So, what is greater than being in a romantic relationship? Living out your God-given purpose! Therefore, the easiest way to distract yourself from the search of meaning through a relationship is by busying yourself with the meaning that God has appointed to your life. You can overcome your loneliness of being single by finding and working on your purpose.

Use all the free time to identify your unique gifts and talents and create something only you can do. Well, guess what, the only person that can change something about your state of mind is you. Get out of the house and change your routine. Go to a coffee shop to read a book.

How To Be Happy Single: 10 Godly Ways To Enjoy Being Single

Stroll over a festival site and enjoy a waffle or ice cream. I know I say it all the time, but I love love love journaling. Break that habit by tricking your mind into remembering all the great things you do have. Studies show that we internalize things better if we write them down. So get yourself a cute journal and start listing your blessings.

That way every time you feel lonely you can use that list to cheer yourself up. The beauty of volunteering is that you are reminded that there is a place for you in your community. A place to serve. Fast Facts Series. Geriatric and Gerontological. Maternal, Neonatal, Women's Health. MedSurg and Acute Care Nursing. Nursing Education.

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SpringBoard The Professional Nurse. Sale Ends September 30! Use Code SPF Shop Now. Double click on above image to view full picture. Read a Sample Chapter. Related Specialties Cancer. Being Single, with Cancer. Author: Tracy Maxwell. Qty: Add to Cart. It is true that those of us who are unmarried embodied souls still have sexual desires. A gospel-drenched, Christ-centric view of our sexuality, however, gives great enabling hope on this point! We are not held captive to our bodies or to our sexual desires.

Godly unmarried chastity, like many spiritual disciplines of abstinence, involves something normal and natural being abstained from. With all aspects of ascetic living, one does not avoid or refrain from something for the sake of rejecting it, but for the sake of something else. What of our emotional desires?

Do singles need to also be wise about the emotional intimacy they extend and pursue with others?

Yes, but again this is an area where the married also need to practice wisdom and caution in their relationships including some gender ones! Ask if the goal of the particular relationship is oriented toward the self or love of God and others. It is actually good news that what God commands and says is good is possible through the blessings of the gospel.

Consider two in light of godly unmarried sexuality:. Sexual desires, once stoked and given into, will be much easier to be given into again. Our thought lives record experiences, and it is not easy to forget past sins—especially if they were pleasurable. Regaining the mind for Christ is a battle. It is a winnable battle for sure, but the renewing process requires a radical approach.

Living a chaste life sexually diminishes the negative harvest of sin. It is not meant to be, but it is a sober warning! He enters into our journey as unmarried sexual beings with very specific help and wisdom. Consider what he offers us as we seek to live a godly life sexually. As you read this list and ponder these verses, honestly bring your specific points of temptation or consistent sexual struggle before him.