A Murder on the Appian Way (Gordianus the Finder Book 5)

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Steven was born in Texas in and graduated with high honors from the University of Texas at Austin , where he studied history and Classics. He divides his time between homes in Berkeley, California, and Austin, Texas. Have You Seen Dawn?

Publishers: St. Janet Hutchings, St. Arnoldo Mondadori, Mondadori, Milan. Cynthia Manson, Signet, ; anthologized in Feline Felonies, ed. Abigail Browning, Galahad Books, Maxim Jakubowski, Headline London , original trade paperback, December ; mass market paperback, ; Ibooks, Inc. Sharan Newman, Berkley, George R.


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This is an original Gordianus story that takes place during his youthful journey to see the Seven Wonders of the World. This mulit-dimensional crossing of paths in Tyre might seem a mere coincidence, but as Gordianus learns, on earth as in Nehwon, all stories and storytellers are subtly, even magically, connected. O Mores!

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Essays and Articles in order of publication. Bennett L. Suzanne Fox, Stories of You Books, Mike Ashley, Robinson London , Sapkowski is a god in his native Poland and famed across Europe; his English-language debut got a big roll-out in the U. Here is the rare fantasy that creates a compelling world without even a hint of Tolkien pastiche, because Sapkowski draws not on Anglo-Nordic but Slavic inspirations.

A Murder on the Appian Way

Geralt the Witcher, monster-slayer, protects the innocent in a dangerous world of magic and illusion. Writers Read: Steven Saylor , posted online Oct. Fascism is on the rise and world war looms—but the immediate tragedy is the death of a beautiful young prostitute. The Ides of March Is or Are? But who should be sent? Lots of showing, very little telling; with enough wit and humor blended in to keep things from being too somber.

Saylor, Steven 1956-

There are a slew of characters to meet — both fictional and historical. Gordianus makes a fine protagonist — smart, but not brilliant, and the kind of man with whom everyone feels comfortable opening up and talking about what happened. As a piece of historical fiction, A Murder on the Appian Way is superb. The pacing over the first hundred pages is slow as we watch the rabble go a-rioting. And even when Gordianus gets moving on his investigation, things just plod along, interview after interview.

The At henians are addicted to art; without it they become irritable and constipated. I hear the Parthians suffer from hippomania; whole clans go to war with each other to lay claim to a fine breeding stud. Everyone in the city catches it sooner or later, even women nowadays. No one ever recovers. If a story has a hole in it, people will fill it up with anything that fits.

A Murder on the Appian Way

Best to pour your own gossip into their ears first. We carry swords.

The most impressive aspect of A Murder on the Appian Way is its historical precision. Clodius and Milo are real, as are the circumstances concerning their fatal for Clodius encounter on the road. Wiki them to see how painstakingly accurate Saylor was in penning this.

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Just as impressive are the historical consequences of this murder. Rome as a Republic was on its last legs. The riots destabilized it further, and pa ved the way for acceptance of an emperor. Being constrained by the details of this pivotal event in Roman history, which are plentiful, thanks to Cicero, means that there is very little literary freedom to construct an entertaining mystery. This was a slog for me.